i love u so much, i really do, u dont understand, have u ever seen a person so beautiful u start crying cuz thts me whenever i see a picture of u. katsuki i love u SM i think about u all the time *rattles my FUCKING CAGE* i am 100%bakugo supporter i lvoe bakugo i will vouch fr him no matter what and if you come to my ask box liek 'i lov him more than you' or '[shitty ship] is my fav! kiribaku isnt canon' i will get you ..jokejokejoke...? O_O

we met under the stars i saw him shuffling in the distance and i immediately knew he was going to be my husband i love him so much he means the world to me one of these days im going to invite him to my minecraft server and show him my roommate, juggy. f
SAW JUGGY 8/19/18

q: why do you love bakugo so much?
a: he's my boyfriend hello?

q: i love bakugo more than you etc
a: idc what you say i still love him tons

q: bakugo is a bully/abuser etc whatevr dont like him!!
a: buddy i dont care (plus hes 16 so..)
hes my boyfriend and i love him and thats all that matters

q: kiribaku isnt canon
a: why are you retarded